August 20, 2010

One Less Bottle (OLB) Mission

The One Less Bottle Initiative aims to eradicate plastic water bottles from every city in the world, but in the short term, our goal is to help every indivudual take one small step and use one less bottle. Be that every day, every week or every year. Every bottle makes a difference and one less bottle, is just that: One less bottle. Join us in our efforts and sign our petition to have Palo Alto become the first city in California to ban the sale of plastic water bottles.

The One Less Bottle initiative is funded and supported by, a Menlo Park, CA based Green and sustainable resource and consulting firm.

We consult on a commercial, residential and individual basis for both wide-ranging Green and sustainable projects, or those specific to water usage and plastic bottle elimination at your next event.

For more information on how you can participate in One Less Bottle, or for more information on Greennii or our services, please contact us at:
Project Coordinator, One Less Bottle